> Primary Forest Preservation

The Municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte, Northeastern portion of Luzon, Philippines. This 30,000+/- hectares has fewer than 500 families and approximately 10,000 hectares of primary, large second growth and other forests that need preservation. The local residents are very much in favor of preserving the forests they call home and are adopting the IVAFMS Foundation's sustainable agroforestry methods to rehabilitate deforested areas. Every night a small truck or two will slip into the area from the outside and truck off a log of precious, endangered hardwood. The locals catch a few. The central point is that the illegal logging is not from within, it is from the outside. These wonderful indigenous people need our help to preserve this beautiful and bountiful forest with pristine rivers and streams from becoming another desert with polluted rivers. (Please double click on the first photo to start the slide show.)

001 One of the last Rainforests in the Philippines
002 A Good Sign
003 Large Second Growth
004 Farming, New Forest, Second Growth, Primary
005 Pristine River
006 Sustainable Community Lodging
007 Dining is a Pleasure, Wholesome Too
008 Local Houses are of Native Materials
009 An Older Tree
010 The Old Logging Trail
011 Young Rattan along the Trail
012 A Trail Less Traveled
013 Agiculture Meets Second Growth Forest
014 The Ridge is Primary
015 Titled Land
016 Agroforestry
017 Marcutting Produces Fruit Rapidly
018 Native Fruit Wine
019 Those Who Get it Done
020 Student - Teacher Ratio
021 Tomorrow's Leaders
022 Where are the Dirty Clothes?
023 Leaders Helping Leaders
024 A Primary Forest from Top to Bottom